Club & Ride Rules



All members of MC3 are responsible for bringing forward to the MC3 Board of Directors any

safety issues related to MC3 Rides that present themselves throughout the riding


While on MC3 Rides on the road, all members must know, adhere to, and obey all Rules of

the Road. Members must familiarize themselves with the Rules of the Road, which can be found

in the Alabama Code - Chapter 5A: RULES OF THE ROAD:


Any MC3 member on an MC3 Ride should immediately advise the ride coordinator(s) /

group leader and other members of the ride should the member feel the group or

individuals in the group are riding in an unsafe manner. The member should withdraw

from the ride if they feel unsafe.

Each MC3 Ride participant will conduct her/himself in a responsible manner and

remains liable for his/her own actions.


Safety and Equipment

Helmets must be worn at all times on all MC3 Rides. No person shall participate in

an MC3 Ride without a suitable helmet.

MC3 members are responsible for ensuring that their bicycle is in good working

order before attending each MC3 Ride. MC3 hosts regular events with local bike shops to

familiarize MC3 members with their bicycle operation.

Other protective equipment is strongly encouraged such as gloves and eye wear; elbow, knee

or shin guards may be suggested during mountain bike rides on highly technical terrain.

MC3 members participating in any MC3 Ride are urged to carry their own cell phones

on MC3 Rides. Riders should immediately call 911 in the event of an emergency.

For group rides in terrain without reliable cell service, MC3 Ride Leaders will carry long-range

radios to facilitate communication.


Ride Leader

A ride leader may be designated in advance by the MC3 Board for each MC3 Ride

or may be appointed at the starting location by the MC3 President, any designated ride

coordinator, or delegate.

At the starting location for every MC3 Ride, a ride leader will identify herself to the group so that

everyone is aware of the person who is coordinating the ride.

The ride leader, before the start of the ride, may describe the general ride route and may

provide a brief safety tip at the commencement of the ride.

The ride leader(s) has the final decision on all matters pertaining to the MC3 Ride and all

participants must respect her decisions.

Ride Leaders are generally experienced members of MC3 who may assist on

individual MC3 group rides.

The Ride Leaders work to keep the groups to a safe size and moving effectively.

Ride Leaders may also provide other members with useful tips and advice if / where


MC3 aims to have a minimum of two Ride Leaders on each MC3 Ride.

MC3 Ride Leaders for mountain bike rides are encouraged to be Wilderness First Aid certified.

All Ride Leaders are encouraged to be First Aid and CPR certified.


When a large number of riders come out for any given MC3 Ride, the ride leaders will

encourage the riders to break into and maintain smaller groups. A group of 8-14 riders is

a reasonable group size.

MC3 members are responsible for ensuring they are sufficiently fit for their desired

activity and have the skills needed for the terrain that will be covered.

MC3 members are responsible for bringing sufficient liquids and food, as required,

for each MC3 Ride, as well as appropriate tools/spare tubes, etc.

MC3 members are not to be under the influence of any drug substance that could impair their

riding skills or judgment while on an MC3 Ride.


Ride Cancellation or Leaving a Ride

MC3 Rides will not run if lightning is present and will be cancelled if lightning is sighted.

If riders are participating in any MC3 Ride when lightning is sighted or thunder is heard,

riders are urged to find immediate shelter.

MC3 Rides are cancelled if the probability of precipitation is equal to or greater than 70%

based on The Weather Channel forecast for the ride location, which is typically Birmingham,


Riders must not be left behind during an MC3 Ride unless they first confirm with the

ride coordinator(s) / group leader, or if there is no ride coordinator / group leader in

their particular group, fellow participants that they are detaching from the group.

All members of the MC3 Ride are responsible for ensuring they properly notify the

ride coordinator(s) if they are detaching from the group.



Any and every accident on an MC3 Ride shall be immediately reported to a ride coordinator,

group leader and/or an MC3 Board member.

In the event of an accident in terrain without cell phone service, where treatment on site by

professionals is deemed necessary and beyond the skill set of the MC3 members present, a

minimum of two riders will be sent to the last known location of cell phone reception; a minimum

of one rider will stay with the injured rider.


Skills Development

MC3 encourages all riders to be comfortable and proficient with group riding before joining an

MC3 ride.

To support rider skills development, MC3 may periodically hold skills clinics for road riding and

mountain biking, and encourages all MC3 members to attend these programs and/or other

cycling skills courses.