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MC3 U 2016: MTB 101, Wheel Lifts, Uphill/Downhill Obstacles

MTB 101 - The Fundamentals
Designed for true beginners (first time on a mountain bike) to advanced beginners (who want to perfect their fundamental skills), this course starts from the ground up: proper body positioning on the bike, neutral/ready positioning for executing skills, braking, shifting, ratcheting, and more. You'll learn about tire pressure, the anatomy of your bike, the etiquette of trail riding and group riding, and more.

Wheel Lifts
From uphill roots to logs and chunky rocks, any obstacle on the trail requires a wheel lift. If you're new to this, guess what? It's easier than it looks/sounds! We'll teach you all three front-wheel lifts (basic, manual, and pedal-induced), a basic rear-wheel lift, the hee-haw (front- and rear-wheel lifts in succession), the level lift (both wheels simultaneously). If the group is ready, we might even try the J-hop (aka bunny hop)!

Uphill and Downhill Obstacles
Few things in life are certain, but here's what we know for sure: 1) What goes up must come down; 2) There WILL be bumps along the road; 3) If you believe you can get over them, you will; 4) Momentum is your friend; 5) Lessons learned on the trail translate surprisingly well to life. In this class you will master safe dismounts while climbing; safe and stress-free dismounts when descending; good braking technique on the downhills; the roll-down lunge (downhill drops); seated, standing, and crouched climbing technique, and pumping (using your body, not your legs, to accelerate on rollers).

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